You’ve invested in the premier aquatic flooring solution, now ensure your installation always looks it’s best. We are the sole source for Life Floor’s proprietary cleaning solutions as well as your technical cleaning and maintenance experts.

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  • Degreaser Cleaner


    Removes oil and grease stains from food, feet, and sunscreen. Sold by the case (4 bottles).

  • Peroxide Cleaner


    Multi-purpose cleaner. Effectively removes grime and organic matter. Sold by the case (4 bottles).

  • Mineral Deposit Remover


    Effectively removes calcium, rust stains, lime, magnesium, and aluminum oxide.  Sold by the case (4 bottles).

  • Degreaser & Peroxide Combination


    Includes 2 bottles of Degreaser Cleaner and 2 bottles of Peroxide Cleaner.

  • Starter Combination


    Includes 1 bottle of Degreaser Cleaner, 1 bottle of Peroxide Cleaner, 1 bottle of Mineral Deposit Remover and 1 Foamer Filler.

  • Foamer Filler


    An applicator that allows maintenance staff the ability to control the concentration of the Cleaner. Sold individually.

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    TurfScrub Floor Pad 20inch


    TurfScrub Floor Pad 20inch