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  • Trident FMD20 Orbital Floor Scrubber – 20″


    FMD20 Orbital is a new concept single disc machine that combines high performance and maneuverability. The oribtal action allows the operator to achieve better results in half the time when compared to a normal single disc machine.

  • K’A’RCHER B40WBp Orbital Auto Scrubber – 20″


    This machine is easy to operate and provides cost savings. Top-scrubbing and re-coat programs was once a messy, multi-person job. This technology provides a green solution, using less chemicals, water, energy, and labor – all completed by one person.

  • Trident WD21V Wet/Dry Vacuum


    The WET or DRY technology allows to vacuum separately or simultaneously both liquids and debris, without the need to stop and change the filter. This technology helps to improve productivity, optimizing cleaning time.